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Demolition Derby is soon - then all eyes are on LONESTAR!

Afternoon. She’s tough to believe we’re halfway through June. Schools out. Bugs are out. Fair’s comin’. What more do you need to know? Actually, before the fair arrives we’ve got a few corkin’ shows coming up. Read on lads and lasses (politically correct???) for all kinds of life altering information.

Things are hoppin’ out in the big city. Rumor has it that Springfield’s gonna be the next Las Vegas. On June 25th we’ve got something new planned. Dustin and Ashley (the soon to be new owners) have been thrashin’ around to put together one heckuva entertaining day full of fun events. The gats open at 9:00 am. I think these are the correct prices – under 10 years age are free – 10-18 is only $5 and 19 and older is only $10. There’ll probably a $3 fee for parking too.

There are some big money payouts for the demolition derby and cornhole tournament. The derby registration will be from 10-11 am. Entry fee is $50 per car. First place pays $2000; 2nd place pays $1000 and 3rd place is $500; 4th place and lower get to pick up the parts on the track when they’re done (kidding.) Plus there’s all kinds of fun games and events for the kids – all day long. There is also a BIG cornhole tournament. $30 per team to enter with 1st place paying $1000 and 2nd place paying $500. This ought to be a cinch. I’ve seen some of you guys hit road signs with bottles at 60 mph. Tossing a little bag full of corn into a stationary hole thirty feet away has got to be simple. I’m guessing that even Joe Biden could do it ….. I think …. maybe…. well….hmmmm

Registering for the cornhole around 4pm. Tourney around 5pm. At 6pm Jamie Barton performs. Not sure if it’s true but the locals are hinting that Tate Aylward may be singing with Mr. Barton. Stay tuned for updates.

And as if all this isn’t enough, there’s a big fireworks show going off at dark. Springfield Fairgrounds. June 25th. Be there or be square (for people under 40 – ask your parents). Sponsors for the big day are: Maine Woods Crafts, The Forester Pub, Northern Pine Creations, K&K Kakes and Nicastro’s Landscaping.

Then… on August 6th we have our biggest concert yet. Lonestar will be performing on the Moores Family Stage at the Springfield Fairgrounds. Seriously – Lonestar – in Springfield, Maine. And opening for Lonestar will be a regional favorite – Adam Curtis. I have it on good authority (Bruce Thornton) that Garth Brooks wanted Adam to open for him on August 6th but Adam chose the bigger band and he’ll be with us and Lonestar. Mr. Brooks, perhaps next year you can come perform in Springfield and Adam could open for you then. Just a thought (arguably not my strong point).

BUY TICKETS NOW. Don’t wait. Buy now – baby needs new shoes.

And I’d be making a huge mistake if I didn’t thank our incredible sponsors. I cannot stress enough how important our local businesses are for events like this. Our area businesses are the lifeblood of the region. When you have a chance please take a moment to say “thank you” to the folks at: Carlos Lopez & Associates, Pelletier Ford of Lincoln, State Farm Insurance with Rick Burpee, Treeline Inc., CWA & Lake St. Real Estate, Ware’s Power Equipment & Husqvarna, Stephen & Lorraine Stanley, Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union, Richardson’s of Patten, Gateway Title of Maine, Motorbrain Consulting Inc., KIXX FM and Cumberland Title.

For more information on all upcoming events in Springfield go to We are excited to see all of you at the fairgrounds. Thank you for your continued support.

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