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The Sprinfield Fair Asociaton is a member of the Maine Asscoiation o agriculturl fairs

Museums & Exhibit Halls

Explore our permanent collection of historical artifacts from years gone by! Independent Agricultural entrees will be on display throughout the fairgrounds.
The Springfield Fair Association's agricultural collection may be seen by appointment & over the fair.
Entrees & Exhibition may be entered at the fairgrounds 12pm-5pm Monday June 10th - Wednesday 12th OR by appointment. 
Contact Ashley: (207)-290-0760

All entrees must be entered by 5pm on Wednesday

Display in Exhibit Halls

Items may be entered into the exhibit halls the week leading up to the fair! It is FREE to enter to win cash prizes!

Sewn things, knit things, canned foods, grown vegetables, artwork, photography and more categories exist

Needle & Thread
Three Buttons

"All artisans, growers, crafters, bakers and others are encouraged to enter their productions into the exhibition halls!"

    -- The Springfield Fair


Registration: The week leading up to the fair by Wednesday June 12th @ 5pm
Superintendent: Pamela Uva 403-3016

Additional categories may be added at the superintendent’s discretion. Entrance requirements may also be amended by hall superintendent at their discretion.

The Springfield Fair exhibition halls is located in the Pavilion. This building is packed with artisans, crafters, auxiliary clubs, and civic organizations. We are dedicated to providing this space for years to come as we are proud of the produce, products, and crafts that are local economy creates creatively! Our halls have many categories are our judges have prize money and ribbons for the best in show! 


All entrees must be in the exhibition halls by 5pm on, Wednesday, June 12th

Please Note: If Exhibit Hall entries are not deemed “up to quality” by the judges, they may be judged down a premium category (Ex. blue to red ribbon).

Exhibitions halls
seed swap

Seed & Plant Swap

Spring vegetables

Bring seeds & plants to the exhibition hall any hours of the fair! There will be a large variety of plants or seeds to swap!

No. This doesn’t mean that you and the old man take a bite of watermelon and then “swap seeds” (wink wink). This is an honest to goodness chance to bring in your extra seeds and trade ‘em for some new seeds for your garden. We will have a table or two in the exhibit hall available for anyone who would like to bring in, or take, some extra seeds. The seeds (or plants) should be clearly marked as to what they are. Also, the year the seeds were harvested (if known).

Seeds and plants will be free for the taking. Please take only what you need or can use. Leave a few for others to share and enjoy. Sharing seeds can be a fun way to bring your gardens some diversity. Access to the seed/plant swap will be during normal exhibit hall hours.

"We invest in our local community and provide opportunities for our young generations to live close to the land while developing strong values!"

    -- The Springfield Fair


Registration: The week leading up to the fair
Superintendent: Pamela Uva 403-3016

Items may be entered 12pm-5pm Monday through Wednesday the week prior to the fair. No entries after 5pm on Wednesday, June 12th. 


DIY Gnome House Contest


Adults 16 & Older - 1st $50, 2nd $25, 3rd $15

Children 15 & Under - 1st $50, 2nd $25, 3rd $15


  • Mounted on a 12x12 base using ALL Natural Materials, such as Sticks, Pebbles, Pinecones, Acrons, Sand, Feathers

  • Manufactured Wood, Cardboard, Metal, Plastic OR Glass can NOT be Visible. 

  • Glue Adhesive & Twine Allowed

  • Paint allowed ONLY on Pebbles for Detailed Design

Lego Contest

Custom Creation

No Official Lego sets may be used.

This must be an original piece!

1st $25, 2nd $15, 3rd $10

Complete Lego Sets

Sets must be 200+ pieces.

Must provide Manual booklet.

1st $25, 2nd $15, 3rd $10

Childrens 4H Agricultural Olympics 

Children race to be "The Best" Agricultural Olympian of The Springfield Fair!!

The race will include:

  • Racing the Cow to the Barn

  • Pick the Apples for the Horses

  • Collect the Chickens Eggs for breakfast

  • Milk the Cow to have a drink

  • Plant the Seeds and Harvest the Flowers

  • Pick the Potato's for Dinner

  • Race To The FINISH LINE!!


4-H Demonstrations
Any 4-H member in Maine may present a demonstration or illustrated talk in our 4-H Day Demonstration, provided she/he has registered with the Superintendent of Exhibitions by Sept. 2nd. Registration forms may be obtained by calling the Penobscot County Cooperative Extension Office.


4-H Day Demonstrations will take place on Saturday June 15th

4-H Exhibits Rules & Regulations

1. Entries are open to boys and girls in Maine who display an approved 4-H project or activity.
2. Entries must be current 4-H projects. Ribbons and premiums will be awarded to worthy exhibits on the basis of individual merit.
3. Each entry must be plainly marked with a 4-H entry tag, obtained from the Superintendent of Exhibits.
4. All exhibits must be delivered to the Exhibit Hall on prior to the fair.
5. All exhibits must be removed from the Exhibition Hall by Monday Sept. 5th
6. The Springfield Fair will afford the best possible care of all exhibits; however, we disclaim any liability for loss or damage to displays or the personal property of the exhibitors.
7. All premiums and ribbons are awarded only to those exhibits deemed worthy by the judges.
8. Exhibitors will not have reached their 20th birthday on January 1st of the exhibit year.
9. Entry to the Fairgrounds on 4-H Day (Sunday) will be by regular 4-H membership cards. Members must pay any additional fees to ride the carnival rides.
10. The management reserves the right to grant variances to the above regulations where extenuating circumstances warrant.
11. All premiums awarded in 4-H exhibits will be: 1st Place - $6.00; 2nd Place - $4.00; 3rd Place - $2.00. All other exhibitors will receive a participant ribbon.

"We invest in our local community and provide opportunities for our young generations to live close to the land while developing strong values!"

    -- The Springfield Fair

About Us

Established in 1851, the Springfield Fair is an award winning agricultural fair in the heart of the Maine Highlands Region! Enjoy live animal demonstrations, exciting shows and music, truck pulls, heritage museums, and big time demolition derby. We celebrate our colorful traditions every June and are excited to invite you to the 173rd Springfield Fair!

Our roots run deep.

Contact Info

+1 207-290-0760


Street Address: 
91 Park Street
Springfield, Maine 04487

Mailing Address: 
Springfield Fair Assoc., Inc.
PO Box 342

Lee, Maine 04455

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