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General Fair Rules

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All concessionaires must provide proof of insurance.
2. The Association will not be responsible for accidents happening on the
3. Concessionaires not complying with State Laws or who are objectionable to the management will forfeit their rights and privileges.
4. The owner of any animal will be accountable for any damages that such
animal may cause, also for its safekeeping.
5. The Springfield Fair Association, Inc. reserves the right to reduce
premiums paid, by not more than 25% of their announced amount,
should inclement weather result in low attendance to such events.

6. The judges shall withhold premiums where the animal or articles are not of superior excellence.
7. No alcoholic beverages or fireworks allowed on the grounds. Please
be responsible for your behavior at all times on the Fairgrounds.
8. State veterinarians and other officials shall have the right to examine all
animals on the grounds for infectious disease or drugs, etc. at any time.
9. No dogs allowed (except service animals) on the fairgrounds.
10. Fair officials reserve the right to change any of the schedule of events if the situation so warrants.
11. All livestock and exhibits will be judged by qualified (as qualified as we
can find ‘em) persons “chosen” by the Association.
12. Except where otherwise provided, exhibitors of livestock must submit
written entries to the Superintendent of Livestock. Entries must include the
number of animals to be exhibited and the number of stalls requested.
13. All livestock entered for a premium must be labeled with name or class,
breed, age, name of owner and from which town. Insurance certificates must be provided.
14. Accommodations for the housing of livestock on the grounds will be
furnished by the Association where possible, but all forage, ties or halts
will be provided by exhibitors. (Limited stall space available.) Call Larry
Hawkes at 699-8257 for stall reservations.
15. All animals entered for premiums must be owned by the exhibitor, and
ownership must have been continuous from 15 days before the beginning of the Fair.
16. Any premium found to have been acquired in part or in whole through
fraudulent means shall be forfeited by the exhibitor.
17. All exhibits will be under the control of the superintendents of the respective departments during the Fair. The Association will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage, which may occur to any exhibits at any time, but will render all possible assistance toward the recovery of any lost or stolen exhibits.
18. To be eligible for premiums, vegetables, fruits and flowers must remain on display until the close of the Fair.
19. All animals and articles for exhibit must be on exhibition until the close of the Fair or any premiums awarded will be forfeited. Exceptions to this requirement may be made by the Livestock Superintendent in conjunction with the Fair officers.
20. All articles entered for premiums must be numbered and tagged by the officials of the exhibit hall. Name of the craftsperson must appear on the tag.
21. Exhibits or Agricultural Clubs, Granges, Extensions and other societies are expected to be of a size and variety to be worthy of the premium offered. Judges may award a sum smaller than that given in the book for an exhibit that they do not deem entitled to the amount listed.
22. Please put litter in the many garbage cans around the grounds. Your cooperation is a big help.
23. Because of state regulations, there is no general camping for the public
allowed on the fairgrounds.


Touching Animals at the Fair
Please Read  

When you attend an agricultural fair a large part of the positive experience comes from seeing and being around animals up close. Particularly for kid, it is fun to see, pet and even hold some of the animals. But, when you leave the animals it is VERY IMPORTANT to wash your hands. Wash them well. In recent years we have learned of more and more occurrences of diseases being transmitted between animals and humans - especially with kids. Children often put their hands near their faces, in their mouths, etc. and this can hasten infection. Enjoy the animals - but be smart and safe. Always wash your hands when leaving an animal area. DO NOT EAT FOOD around the animals.


Make certain that your kids wash their hands. We have hand sanitizer all around the ground but especially in the barn and food areas.

sheep at the springfield fairgrounds maine rules

THE SPRINGFIELD FAIR ASSOCIATION, INC. will, under no circumstances be liable or responsible for any losses, injuries or damages sustained to or by any owner, his or her agents, servants, or employees, and/or livestock entered in any class while participating in such class, or while on the grounds. All risks or loss, injury, damage, or destruction to person, property or livestock are assumed in full by such owner, his or her agents, servants and employees, whether caused by active or passive negligence, condition of premises or any other reason or cause whatsoever. All owners do hereby unreservedly and without exception agree to hold the Springfield Fair Association Inc. and K&J Partnership harmless from any loss, cost or damage caused by them arising from any occurrence in which they or their property or animals, or any of them, may be involved in while on the premises of the Springfield Fairgrounds.

Auto & Truck Pulls

Enjoy our BIG Demolition Derby or explore the classic car show! We have the motors your dreaming of!

About the Fair

Discover what makes the Springfield Fair an award winning fair and why it is so special to many of our guest!


Read the latest news about the fair events and who may be attending the upcoming fair! Get first-hand gossip fresh off the press.


We are a proud supporter of local agriculture and youth involvement in 4-H programs. We are proud to be an award winning agricultural fair!

About Us

Established in 1851, the Springfield Fair is an award winning agricultural fair in the heart of the Maine Highlands Region! Enjoy live animal demonstrations, exciting shows and music, truck pulls, heritage museums, and big time demolition derby. We celebrate our colorful traditions every June and are excited to invite you to the 173rd Springfield Fair!

Our roots run deep.

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91 Park Street

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Springfield Fair Assoc., Inc.
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