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Springfield Fair Results 2022

Exhibit Hall

As we say good-by to another fair a new chapter is about to begin. The Exhibit Hall was very busy this year. We had a total of 30 people entering 184 items. There were many wonderful comments about the quality of the work coming into the hall. The judges were pleased with the increase we have had in the vegetable display and that people are starting to use the seed swap. This year Karla Marvin did a fabulous vegetable, herb and floral display which gave her the Best of Show, as well as, the Nesin Award. Alberta Owen received Spirit of the Fair Award for her continued support in entering items into the fair. Thank you Lori for helping to get mom’s things to us. This year Marilyn Worster won the Valued Senior Award. I appreciate all of you that brought things in to enter. Hope to see all of you next year as well as any newcomers. Keep up the good work.

See you next year,


Demo Derby---13 Cars

Heat Winners

Heat 1

1st Chris Woodard

2nd Dustin Gordan

3rd Deacon Connors

Heat 2

1st Devon Peters

2nd Sheldon Woodard

3rd Spencer Johnson

Overall Winners

1st Chris Woodard

2nd Devon Peters

3rd Dustin Gordan & Sheldon Woodard

Best Paint

1st Spencer Johnson #58

2nd Deacon Connors #248

3rd Dustin Gordan #1

Classic and Antique Car Show---31 Cars

Antique to 1949

1st Bryce Clay 1946 Chevy Pickup


1st David York 1954 International

2nd John Brown 1956 Ford F100

3rd Herb Northcote 1951 Pontiac Cheifton


1st Grant Clay 1966 Chevy Chevelle

2nd Patrick James 1963 Ford Fairlane 500

3rd Sonny Hornbrook 2964 Chevy Super Sport


1st John Boutot 1970 Chevy Chevelle

2nd James Smith 1970 Porshe1914-6

3rd Tom McLaughlin 1976 Chevy Impala


1st David Stevens 1988 Chevy Camero


1st Francis Willette 1999 Ford Mustang GT

2nd Joanne Pottle 1999 Chevy corvette


1st Paul Fitzgerald 2009 Ford Mustang GT California Special

2nd Kim Sherburn 2004 Ford Thunderbird


1st Matthew St. Peter 2016 Chevy Corvette


1st Daniel York 1929 Model A


1st Mike Reynolds 1969 Chevy Camaro

2nd Kevin Steward 1972 Dodge Charger

3rd Kristie Cooper 1968 Chevy Chevelle

4 Wheel Drive Truck

1st Dan Goll 1959 Chevy Napco

2nd John Duvall 1991 Dodge 150

3rd John Prior 1974 Ford F250

2 Wheel Drive Truck

1st Wayne Williams 1982 Chevy C-10

2nd Denis Bachelder 1955 Chevy 3100

3rd Duane Furlong 1960 Ford F-100


1st Robert Davis 1968 Chevy Corvette

2nd Roger Holst 1966 Corvette

3rd Gary Dougherty 2002 Corvette

People’s Choice Award

Mike Reynolds 1969 Chevy Camaro

Best of Show

Mike Reynolds 1969 Chevy Camaro

Whoopie Pie Contest---4 entries

1st Becky MacIlroy

2nd Deborah Tilton

3rd Alan Dill

Open Pie Contest---1 entries

1st Deborah Tilton

$100 Prize Drawing---34 participants

Age up to 10 years

Kolt Dennison

Ages 11-18

Caleb Knight

Kids Woodsman Day----24 participants

Log Roll

1st place Henry Doane

2nd place Bates Bradford

3rd place Jensen Powers


1st place Ethan Friend

2nd place Stephen McDunnah

3rd place Colby Doane

Speed Cut

1st Dakota Knights

2nd Colby Doane

3rd Stephen McDunnah

Log Roll

1st Ashton Powers

2nd Caleb Knights & Connor Pickering

3rd Isabella Bui & Rivers Bradford


1st Rhianna Duval

2nd Caleb Knights

3rd Ashton Powers

Speed Cut

1st Ashton Powers

2nd Rhianna Duval

3rd Caleb Knights

Kids Tractor Pulls---16 participants

Ages 2-5

1st Remy Bradford

2nd Henry Doane

3rd Kolt Dennison

4th Ellie McDunnah

5th Colton Grahm

Ages 6-11

1st Ashton Powers

2nd Bates Bradford

4th Stephen Staples

5th Jensen Powers

Children’s Day Events---17 Participants

Oreo Cookie Stacking

1st Caleb Knight

2nd Dakota Knight

3rd Lily Mitchell

Bubble Gum Blowing

1st Lily Mitchell

2nd Esthella Dill

3rd River Bradford

Sack Race

Ages 9 and under

1st Colt Bradford

2nd Dominic Tash

3rd Ethan Vadakin

Ages 10 and older

1st Jonah Stanley

2nd Lily Mitchell

3rd Esabella Bui

Pig Scramble---21 Participants


Ashton Powers

Caleb Knights

Tristen Lambert

Johnathan Ethridge

Alina Emery

Dawson Freeman

Colt Bradford

Eel Racing---28 Participants

Scavenger Hunt---7 Participants

Piñata---12 Participants

Ethan Friend---winner

Kaiden Russell

Alexia Russell

Sam Libby

Kolt Dennison

Anthony Modarelli

Chris Modarelli

Caleb Knight

Dakota Knight

Rubie McLaughlin

Colby Doane

Henry Doane

Ethella Dill

Dylan Moore

Women’s Triathlon---12 Participants

Skillet for Accuracy

1st Elizabeth Chanpagne

2nd Natalie MacIroy

3rd Aimee Donavan

Toilet Seat for Distance

1st Shelby Bradford

2nd Emma Gerkin

3rd Elizabeth Champagne

Mop Chuck for Distance

1st Shelby Bradford

2nd Elizabeth Champagne

3rd Emma Gerkin

Overall Winners

1st Elizabeth Campagne

2nd Shelby Bradford

3rd Emma Gerkin

Northern Maine Antique Tractor Pull---17 Tractors


1st Candi Foster

2nd Dennis Quint

3rd Emily Folsom


1st Chad Ouellette

2nd Dennis Quint

3rd Meredith Folsom


1st Dennis Quint

2nd Paul Folsom

3rd Chris Folsom


1st Peter Folsom

2nd Sonny Folsom

3rd Thomas Jordan


1st Emily Folsom

2nd Chris Langille

3rd Pat Rivard


1st Candi Foster

2nd Larry Foster

3rd Emily Folsom


1st Dennis Quint

2nd Roger Quint

3rd Chad Ouellette


1st Dennis Quint

2nd Chris Folsom

3rd Paul Folsom


1st Scott Jordan

2nd David Leighton

3rd Peter Folsom


1st Pat Rivard

2nd Chris Langille

Horse Show—6 participants

Halter Western Horse

1st Brooke Thompson

2nd Lauren Page

3rd Nevaeh Ethridge

English Horse in Hand

1st Lauren Page

Showmanship Ages 6-12

1st Nevaeh Ethridge

Showmanship Ages 13-17

1st Lauren Page

2nd Brooke Thompson

Walk/Trot Equitation 12 and Under

1st Nevaeh Ethridge

English Equitation Ages 13-17

1st Mirage Priller

English Equitation Ages 18+

1st Cora Hicks

2nd Lauren Page

English Pleasure Ages 13-17

1st Mirage Priller

English Pleasure Ages 18+

1st Lauren Page

2nd Cora Hicks

English Pleasure Stakes

1st Mirage Priller

2nd Lauren Page

3rd Cora Hicks

Equitation Over Fences

1st Cora Hicks

2nd Mirage Priller

3rd Lauren Page

Jumping 2’

1st Mirage Priller

2nd Cora Hicks

Western Walk/Trot Equitation Ages 12 and Under

1st Neveah Ethridge

Western Equitation Ages 13-17

1st Mirage Priller

Western Walk/Trot Equitation Ages 18+

1st Lauren Page

2nd Brook Thompson

Western Pleasure Ages 6-12

1st Nevaeh Ethridge

Western Pleasure Ages 13-17

1st Mirage Priller

Western Pleasure Ages 18+

1st Lauren Page

2nd Brooke Thompson

Western Pleasure Stakes

1st Mirage Priller

2nd Lauren Page

3rd Nevaeh Ethridge

Trail Class Ages 12 and Under

1st Nevaeh Ethridge

Trail Class Ages 13 and over

1st Lauren Page

2nd Mirage Priller

3rd Brooke Thompson

Egg and Spoon

1st Mirage Priller

2nd Lauren Page

3rd Nevaeh Ethridge

4th Brooke Thompson Grand Prize $1,000 Winner Allen Dill

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