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Pig Racing & Pig Scrambles & More for 2022

I’m pooped. And I’m pumped. And according to my son – I’m old. Let’s begin with pooped. Our Lonestar concert was last week and it was a blast. Of the 20, or so, national concerts that we have done, this is one of my two absolute favorites. (The other was the Marshal Tucker Band). Lonestar’s sound and light production – including video boards which we have never been able to accommodate – were well beyond anything our little facility has seen. The band members and their entire crew were great to work with. The crowd was wonderful and into it… particularly one gentleman (who will, for now, remain nameless) who danced for about two straight hours.

But, a show like this takes a ton of planning and has not just a little bit of stress involved. So – I’m pooped. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making the night a success. We are all very grateful.

Now – I’m pumped. We have only a couple of weeks before the 172nd Springfield Fair arrives. On September 2 & 3, we will hold, what will be, my last fair as an owner. I’m excited because we will be offering a large amount of kid friendly, fun events. Although there will not be any carnival rides, we will have a bungy jump available and a small bounce for the little ones. Still hoping for pony rides and a strong display of livestock. In addition to the 12-15 kids games involved in our free ice cream giveaway (see our website for more details –, Ashley – soon to be the new owner – will have more free games for kids, ongoing all day, in the barn area. Additionally, we will have a small gift/prize to hand out to every kid, up to 18, who pays to enter the fairgrounds. And we are not afraid to offer a gift to the young at heart too; if you are over 18 and want a gift – just ask. We’ll do our best to accommodate you “older kids” too.

We have loads of “bigger” entertainment too, including: Antique tractor pulls, car show, pickup pulls, musical entertainment, pie and whoopie baking contest, a quilt show, a wonderful exhibition hall, a pig scramble, pig racing, eel racing, kids woodsman’s day events, an animal herding demonstration, BMX stunt bike show, women’s triathlon and a car giveaway.

With games to play, healthy (wink wink) fair food available, critters to be seen, cash to be won – why would you be anywhere but the Springfield Fair ?!?! Throw your kid’s phones in the toilet (Katie Krapf did…). Turn off the iPads. Shut don all of your electronic devices and spend some good, quality family time together in Springfield. You can even participate with your kids and grandkids in some of these games/events. Watch ‘em wrassle a pig or pick up a river eel. Spend an hour or two in the circa 1890’s grandstand enjoying some great music or watching a host of fun and funny kids events. Traditional, fun, family entertainment found only at the 172nd Springfield Fair. Come spend a day and a half with us – you won’t regret it.

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Established in 1850, the Springfield Fair is an award winning agricultural fair in the heart of the Maine Highlands Region! Enjoy live animal demonstrations, exciting shows and music, truck pulls, heritage museums, and big time demolition derby. We celebrate our colorful traditions every June and are excited to invite you to the 173rd Springfield Fair!

Our roots run deep.

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