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Summer 2021, Fair, FREE Concert, Circus, Weddings, & More

Updated: Apr 15

THIS BLOG POST HAS BEEN EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL. ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL HAS BEEN CANCELED. FREE CONCERT IS TED & THE BOYS JULY 10TH. Ten months ago we all ventured out into this new world of coronavirus. And still, here we are. Waiting, wondering, worrying. And hoping… that soon we’ll be able to return to normal – whatever normal is/was.

Maine appears to have been more fortunate than many parts of the country. Our economy has been better than expected and, until recently, our infection rate has remained low. It could be worse I suppose. We could be stuck with Andrew Cuomo or some other blabbering boob. Alas, we have Governor Mills …. Politics aside, she and the CDC are in a difficult spot. They are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t”. So, for now at least, we here at the Springfield Fair will try and put 2020 in the rearview mirror and take a (mostly) positive outlook.

Because we will attempt to “look on the bright side”, I have been working to put together another great, little fair for Labor Day 2021. As of today, we are planning on operating Friday evening and all day Saturday. There appears to be little chance of finding a carnival again, yet I’ll remain hopeful. If we are able to contract with a reputable carnival we’ll have to petition the Dept. of Agriculture to allow for us to operate for 3 ½ days. We’ll see …… We will also continue our efforts to book additional entertainment over the course of the summer. Currently we have agree to terms for a big concert on July 24th. Asleep At The Wheel will be performing on our Moores Family Stage. Having performed for 50 years, they are an exceptional band to see live. And it is great music to dance to! If you have never heard of them google ‘em. You won’t be disappointed. We are still working on an opening act.

The Zerbini Family Circus will be making another appearance, probably also in July. The exact date should be known in early to mid-winter. The Zerbini Family Circus has performed twice in Springfield. They have a wonderful family entertainment show and are affordable.

In addition to our Asleep At The Wheel show and circus, we are planning on a big “free show” as well. For those of you who read these updates, you may recall that we have a local, anonymous sponsor willing to foot the bill for one full evening of music. They are proud of the improvements made to the fairgrounds these past 30 years and also want to express their thanks to all local and regional folks who have calmly weathered the virus pandemic. A free night of music, cold beer and friends is their way of celebrating with all of the wonderful folks in the Greater Springfield area. The specifics will be announced as soon as we “get the okay to open” from Augusta. If you have not made the ride to the fairgrounds this past year – go take a look around. We have continued to improve the grounds and facility with the help of a couple of local contractors. A tip of the cap to Tim Worster and Paul Babinski along with Troy Davis. To have been able to work our way through a year with negative revenue while still being able to make some much needed improvements – we are grateful. Our facility is better off now with new roofs, lots of new paint and a multitude of smaller improvements. Please know that you are welcome to stop in for a walk around the track (or bike ride for the kids) or a picnic. We like to have the facility used and appreciated.

shop local maine

To our incredible sponsors, we look forward to working with you all, once again, to help provide another spectacular Springfield Fair. And remember all – buy locally. If we continue to spend our dollars here locally (not in Bangor unless you cannot find it here – please), we will continue to thrive. Our local businesses are second to none. And, if you have to pay a bit more to buy locally, you are helping to keep us all moving forward. Springfield Fayuh – she’s a cockuh! Merry Christmas.

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