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Summer Concert Headliner Announced; July 24, 2021

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Hello again. Two weeks after my first Labor Day Weekend, in 30 years, without a Springfield Fair. Weird and a bit unsettling. I am at the fairgrounds a few times each week. This last weekend was no different. I drove into the field and just sat there. No rides. No games. No food vendors. No kids running around. Quiet. I watched the wind blow through the grass. I closed my eyes and thought back a few years to when our little fair was booming, when it was loud and dusty and stressful… and fun. Before covid19 and all of the politically correct garbage that’s taking place.

What has happened to our world? How did we get so far off track? In what universe is it okay to be rude and hateful to our police forces or disrespectful to our military?! Let’s try and take a step back. We all need to find a small bit of common sense in our lives – act like mature Americans. Help your neighbors, even if they are so screwed up that they want to defund the police. We need some common ground. If at all possible, let’s try and put politics aside, at least for a while. Let’s think about the Springfield Fayuh - ……As I was sitting, all by myself, at the fairgrounds, I kept thinking of different bands who might have the ability to help us have fun – for one big night – have a beer or hot dog with a buddy (or a stranger) and relax. Since early summer I have been trying to put together another concert for the fairgrounds. I made an offer to an incredible band but, because of the corona virus, Nashville was not booking any shows. And then, shortly after Labor Day, I received an email from our agent. We had (have) a deal and a show has been booked.

On Saturday, July 24, 2021 the Springfield Fairgrounds will be hosting another major concert. Save this date and order your tickets early to see Asleep At The Wheel. In ten short months Ray Benson will bring his incredible band to the Moores Family Stage for 90 minutes of outstanding Texas swing and country music. Asleep At The Wheel has been rockin’ for 35+ years. Their music is upbeat and great to dance to. They have had dozens of albums and many, many hit songs. Whether you want to sit and relax or dance with your honey (or in some cases, with your buddy’s honey….) – these guys are a ball. Great music with lots of energy.

Over the next month or so we will be putting out more background material and offer early sale tickets. Pricing will be $25 each. We have not contracted with an opening act yet but will announce them as soon as soon as we have written confirmation. Food and cold beer will be sold. Onsite parking will remain at $5 per vehicle. While we will still be offering free parking and free camping in our adjacent field. Finally, something to look forward to. Now, if we can get rid of the virus and mask requirement….. Although we can’t know for certain yet, we are hoping that the State will be “fully open” by next summer. Until we know for sure, we will move ahead while anticipating good news. So, until we are told otherwise by Governor Mills, we are excited about having Asleep At The Wheel with us next July 24th .

Also, we are still working on another “free admission” show for next year. Our anonymous sponsor is raring to go and promises to foot the bill for another great night of music in Springfield. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page. We will update you regularly. In the meantime, put on your dancing shoes, grab your cooler (and the ole lady – or ole man) and get ready to have one outstanding evening of music at the Springfield Fairgrounds. Asleep At The Wheel – no longer something you do when you leave the fairgrounds after a long day of fun. The Springfield Fairgrounds – July 24, 2021 – a place to smile, relax and unwind. Great music. Good friends and 3-4 hours of solid fun.

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