• Kirk Ritchie

Results of the 171st Springfield Fair

Whew. She’s over with. The 171st Springfield Fair is in the rearview mirror – except for picking up trash, storing picnic tables, trash cans, bleachers etc.. Gotta return rented, begged & borrowed equipment. Finding a place to store unused food, taking down signs and wondering where the time has gone –

All in all, she was a pretty good fair. Although we had a pile of rain on Friday, we had a great demolition derby, 25 cars went at it for 2-3 hours. No one was hurt (that I know of…) although there were a few new scratches & dents in the vehicles. Poor Bruce (Thornton), he spent much of the fair with his butt parked atop the loader moving barricades. Before I forget, thank you Brady, Jay & crew for being so supportive with your various resources. Without your help Bruce would’ve had to move those jersey barriers by hand….. Anyways, we are extremely grateful to you and all of our wonderful sponsors for helping us “keep the gates open”.

We’d like to reach out one more time to thank our sponsors. You are, and always have been, a big reason why we provide lots of fun events for fair patrons. We have always tried to offer good, clean, family entertainment. Thank you. The following is a list of the 2021 Springfield Fair Sponsors. If we all try and keep our business local our area can prosper. If we drive to Bangor to buy things – we hurt our local businesses.

Thank you to the 2021 event sponsors!

Access Auto & Lincoln Power Sports

Affordable Plumbing

Bangor Savings Bank

Berg Activewear

Bloomer, Russel & Beaupain

Carl’s Auto Pars

Clay, Grant & Family

Coastal Auto Parts – Lincoln

Collins, Al, Penny & Tyler

Cumberland Title

CWA & Lake St. Real Estate

D&D Paving

Dead River Company

Downs, Dave & Greta

F.A. Peabody Company

Gateway Title


H.C. Haynes Inc.

Hannaford Supermarkets

Hogan Tire

Houghton Cedar Products

Ireland’s Rubbish Service

Lee Motors

Leisure Living Lands

Lincoln News

Dr. Durwin Libby

Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union

Machias Savings Bank

Madden S.F. Inc.

Oakhurst Dairy

Pat’s Pizza

Pelletier Ford

Raymond’s Variety & Diner

Ritchie, Lauren & Liz

Sleeping Bear Campground

Stanley, Steve & Larraine

State Farm Insurance

Steaks ‘N Stuff

Thompson Trucking Inc.

Timberland Trucking

Town of Lincoln

Up In Smoke, Auto Recycling

United County Lifestyle Properties of Maine

Varney Agency

Ware’s Outdoor Power Equipment & Husqvarna The following is a partial list of our event winters. We had fun. We hope all of you did also. See you in 2022. Thank you!

Exhibit Hall

It is always sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we always look forward to seeing each other again next year This last year has been hard on everyone, but I think the creativity has been flowing. We have had some beautiful crafts entered into the hall this year. I have seen some new faces as well as seasoned crafters. New work as well as some new ideas. This year the Exhibit Hall had 155 exhibits entered by 30 entrants. We also had a beautiful vegetable display with vegetables produce by Carty McNally and Gary Martin.

Best of show went to Mary DeVore for a hand-stitched quilt-gorgeous!

Nesin award was shared this year by Lisa Kettle and Gary Martin for Farm and Family Table display.

The Dorothy McGaw "Spirit of the Fair" award was won by Lisa Kettle for her exhibit of Fallen Soldiers.

The Valued Senior award went to Alton Collins with his antique engine.

I would like to thank all of you for the beautiful things that were brought in—please keep crafting. I hope to see you all next year with all your treasures.

Thanks again Pamela

Demo Derby---25 Cars Heat Winners

#1 Grant Doane

#2 James Graham

#3 Chris Woodard

Consolation Heat Jeff Wright

Overall Winners

1st Chris Woodard

2nd Sheldon Woodard 3rd Jimmy White

Classic and Antique Car Show---35 Cars

Antique to 1949

1st Bryce Clay 1946 Chevy Pickup

2nd Arnold Knight Model A Coupe

3rd Shannon King 1928 Ford AR


1st Grant Clay 1957 Chevy Belair

2nd Jeremy Dill 1950 Ford Cruiser


1st Glenn Stevens 1969 Chevy Impala

2nd Bill Hoxie 1966 Chevy Chevelle

3rd Wayne Jones 1960 Pontiac 2x2


1st Tom McLaughlin 1973 Chevy Impala

2nd Larry Foster 1970 Plymouth Duster

3rd Steve Toothaker 1979 Mustang Cobra


1st Mark Stevens 1987 Chevy ElCamino

2nd Brock Ludden 1985 Chevy Impala

3rd Jeff Hamm 1983 Old Delta Regency


1st Francis Willette 1999 Ford Mustang GT


1st Paul Stevens 2000 Statur S2 Wagon


1st Ben Stevens 2019 Honda Civic Tyrer

2nd Heather Stevens 2010 Mini Cooper


1st Mike Reynolds 1969 Chevy Camaro

2nd Thomas Dicenzo 1963 MGB

4 Wheel Drive Truck

1st Lori Duval 1993 Dodge Ram Charger

2nd Doug Ludden 1996 Ford F150

3rd John Duval 1988 F350 7.3 Diesel

2 Wheel Drive Truck

1st Dan Bradbury 1970 GMC Pickup


1st Bob Davis 1968 Chevy Corvette Convertible

2nd Roger Hoist 1966 Corvette Convertible

3rd Mathew St Peter 2016 Corvette

People's Choice Award

Mike Reynolds 1969 Camaro

Best of Show

Mike Reynolds 1969 Camaro

Whoopie Pie Contest---7 entries

1st place Holly Worster

2nd place Heidi Hajek

3rd place Rakel Arthers

Open Pie Contest---7 entries

1st place Deborah Tilton

2nd place Julie White

3rd place Betty Worster

$100 Prize Drawing---43 participants

Age up to 10 years

Lincoln Tomah

Ages 11-18

Shae Gilbert

Kids Woodsman Day----17 participants

Log Roll

1st place Jensen Powers

1st place Mitchell Morin

2nd place Ethan Friend

2nd place Payson Stackpole

3rd place Henry Doane

3rd Ashton Powers

Cross Cut

1st place Colby Doane 1st place Matthew Morin 2nd place Ethan Friend 2nd Kiera Sanford

3rd place Taila Oreliand 3rd place Wesley Labbe

Pulp Toss

1st place Ethan Friend 1st Matthew Morin 2nd place Ashton Powers 2nd Mitchell Morin 3rd place Jensen Powers 3rd place Wesley Labbe

Kids Tractor Pulls---20 participants

1st place Ashton Powers

2nd place Thaedyn King

3rd place Shay Hurd

4th place Payson Stackpole

5th place Thomas Gilbert

Children's Day Events

Oreo Cookie Stacking---17 Participants

10 and under

1st place Garron Russell

2nd place Ethella Dill

3rd place Thomas Gilbert

11 and over

1st Shae Gilbert

2nd Thalia Greliano

3rd Keira Sanford

Football Toss for Accuracy---11 Participants

Shay Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert

Landon King

Sorron King

Thaedyn King

Ben Feer

Fallow King

Essence King

Emory King

Jensen Powers

Ashton Powers

Long Range Hoops---7 Participants

1st place Izzy Sutherland

2nd place Keira Sanford

3rd place Austin Jipson

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest---9 Participants Under 11 years old

1st place Ethella Dill

2nd place Jensen Powers

11 Years old and older

1st Matthew Morin

2nd Talia Oreliand

3rd Mitchell Morin

Sac Race---24 Participants

10 years and younger

1st place Kennedy Spinney

2nd place Shay Hurd

3rd place Thaedyn King

Age 11 and older

1st place Isabelle Bui

2nd place Landon King

Scavenger Hunt---25 Participants

1st place Emory King

2nd place Thaedyn King

3rd place Ethan Friend

Baseball Toss---8 Participants

Addysson Dow

Ashton Powers

Jensen Powers

Patrick Redman

Brayan Shirley

Shay Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert