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Asleep at the Wheel Concert Canceled; 171st Fair Still a Go!

Springfield Fair will be held over labor day weekend 2021
See you Friday & Saturday of Labor Day Weekend for the 171st Historic Springfield Fair

So I’ve been tryin’ to do the covid dance and follow along with Dr. Nirav Shah. Wearing a mask. Social distancing, not spitting while I talk, etc. To be safe – my bride has me sleeping in the kid’s tree house wearing a motorcycle helmet with my head wrapped in a sheet. I thought that was a bit excessive but she seems happier. Whatever works. Back to CDC mandates/suggestions/ rules/law … even though outdoor venues are now “fully open” – they’re not really fully open, at least practically speaking, because we need to keep everyone six feet apart and wearing a mask. So like I said – fully open??? But, if things get worse, the state reserves the right to “tighten things back up.” So – “fully open” for a while – we think – at least for now – unless something happens. Got it. So we’re making up hundreds of signs – well, they’re actually more like billboards – to plant them around the fairgrounds to warn our patrons of the possible dangers of being too close to others. Huh. We’re hoping for some more stimulus checks or PPP money – perhaps an SBA grant to help pay for our billboards, to pay for this stuff. Why not. The Feds are printing money as fast as they can write bad checks. Idiots.

Whew – I got a headache.

Asleep at the Wheel Update,

Okay. I’m back on track…. Actually I do have some crappy news. Because of the Springfield Fairgrounds not really being “fully open”, as a normal person would think “fully open” means, we were forced to cancel our Asleep At The Wheel concert for July 24th. Seriously. Without a more consistent and predictable message from the State of Maine (which I do know is difficult, given the circumstances), we cannot take the chance of having 2-3000 people in attendance with no realistic way for us to keep folks six feet apart and mask wearing. And let’s be real here. Knowing our crowd, if we insisted on the mask wearing, half our people would wear the damn things but otherwise be buck naked. I won’t name names (Bruce Thornton) but I do have one friend who is still wearing nothing but his Batman mask. There’s your second unnecessary and headache provoking visual. You’re welcome.

In addition to our concerns about not being able to keep folks, at a big concert, in compliance with the CDC rules, our insurance company told us that, while covid is at the pandemic stage, they would not be covering any claims. So, to be safe – we’ll shoot for our next big concert in 2022. Sorry.

FREE Summer Concert, Ted & The Boys

HOWEVER, we are going forward with a free (we have an anonymous sponsor) local show that we are comfortable holding. Ted & The Boys are making their triumphant return to live shows ….. at the Springfield Fairgrounds – on July 10th! Ted Bither and his band are as entertaining as any musical act that has graced the Moores Family Stage. They play great country music mixed with light hearted banter. Good to dance to. Great to listen to. And an overall exceptional band to drink beer to. Our sponsor mandated that, if they were going to foot the bill, we had to provide beer sales and some good, healthy deep fried food. Seriously, Ted & The Boys in Springfield on July 10, 2021. Gates will open at 5:00 pm. Ted will take the stage around 7:00 pm and play for 2+ hours. Ted said, and I quote – kinda quote – well, it’s not really a quote – more like something he pretty much told me – or at least someone said something like this… I think … at one time – “we’ll play for a couple hours and if we are having fun and the crowd is having fun and the beer is cold – we’ll keep on keepin’ on. So, to concisely reiterate – come have fun.

Ted & The Boys performing a concert at the springfield fairgrounds
Ted & The Boys to perform on July 10th at the Historic Springfield Fairgrounds!

Admittance will be free for anyone showing up, plus we’ll give senior 25% off!!! (Think about it). You will need to pay for parking, beer and food sales. Put this date on your calendar – July 10, 2021 – Springfield Fairgrounds. Just so you know, we will be asking folks to do the social distancing stuff and wear a mask – really. We feel that our local crowd will be of a size where we can do this show safely. So, please let’s keep ourselves and others safe and more importantly – let’s give the State cause to take me to the woodshed.

Our sponsor has insisted on doing this quietly. They are offering this wonderful, free show for two reasons.

1) They wanted to say a big “Thank You’ to the people of Northern Maine for navigating the covid pandemic with class, grace and patience (more or less). 2) this is their way of thanking all of the folks, who have helped to make the Springfield Fair a beloved institution since 1851 – management, volunteers, exhibitors and patrons. So, from the bottom of our hearts – thank you Donald Trump – oops, forget you saw that folks. Completely anonymous ……

As you stand or sit at the show, look around, our sponsor could be the person standing next to you (or maybe they are the person passed out at your feet) – either way, let’s try and be patient. Treat those around us with kindness and appreciation. We have all done remarkable well to have put up with all of the garbage from the past year and we deserve a night out. Bring your masks and a few bucks, along with a good attitude and meet us at the Springfield Fairgrounds, on 7-10-21, for a free show. Outta retirement for one night – Ted & The Boys.

171st Springfield Fair,

Finally, we will be holding our annual fair over Friday & Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. More on that to come in the upcoming weeks. If you’re bored – check out or website at www.thespringfieldfair.com. Thank you. See ya in July!

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