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170th 2 BIG Days of Family Fun!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020


We had hoped, and thought, that we would have had a positive concert update for you - long before this. Beginning late last fall I have made offers to a handful of national recording artists. For a variety of reasons, scheduling & routing are the big ones, we have not been able to get an offer signed. In the best of years, the process of submitting an offer to signed acceptance normally takes 3-4 weeks if not more.

2-3 weeks ago I submitted a list of 6-8 artists with 8-10 different dates so that our Nashville agent would have more latitude in, hopefully, finding an artist who is willing to travel to our section of the country to perform. Then the coronavirus hit. Until we see what type of long term effects the pandemic causes, we don’t expect to get a response from anyone in Nashville for a 2020 concert date. But we’ll keep trying.


Yes, there will be a Springfield Fair this year. We will once again have One Big Day for the fair. Saturday, September 5th, we will be offering as much fun, family entertainment as we can possibly pack into a single day format. It was crushing, for me at least, to have had so few animals at the 2019 fair. Livestock has always been at the very heart of Maine’s agricultural fairs. And although there are now no working farms in our region, coupled with the younger generation’s apparent lack of interest in agriculture and farming, we want to be able to continually bring good, traditional, agricultural entertainment to our fair and area.

We feel that it’s important for folks to know where their food comes from. Especially where, during this current health crisis, we regularly see empty shelves at the grocery stores. Maine has always been a farming state. And even though we have seen hundreds of family farms “close their doors” over the last 20-30 years, we need to remain an agricultural state. Locally grown food is normally fresher, healthier and easier to find/purchase. In fact, most of us have grown our own food, be it vegetables or livestock, at one time in our lives.

Perhaps it’s time to take a step back into our past. Learn from history. Get your hands dirty - plant a garden even if it’s a small one. Raise some critters. If you don’t have space I bet you know someone who does. So, have a neighborhood garden or share a chicken coop. Do something healthy for yourselves and your families. Take back a bit of control over what you put into your body.

If you aren’t sure how to get started, come to a fair. Talk with the people working at Maine’s fairs. Heck, come to Springfield. We have some very kind and knowledgeable folks who would be happy to answer a few questions. If you go to our exhibit hall, underneath the grandstand, our Superintendent - Pamela Uva - even has a seed swap set up. You can bring in seeds to leave for others to try, take a few for yourselves or swap. It’s fun and free and just one small thing being offered at the Springfield Fair.

No, sadly we were again unable to find a carnival to come to Springfield. Much like farming and fairs in Maine, small carnivals have had a tough 10-year stretch, especially in Northern Maine. So, we will be holding a smaller, one-day event again. We will be adding more kids events, simple, inexpensive and fun could be our theme. We would love to see kids participating in all of our events, win a few prizes, smile and maybe even partner with Mom, Dad, Gram, Gramp or Big Brother or Sister. Leave the electronics at home. You’ll be happy you did.

We will put out a schedule of events in a couple of months. But, rest assured we will be having our big shows - barring a catastrophe. The truck pulls, demolition derby and car show will be back. It also appears that the antique tractor pulls will return. We are looking at a magician and if we can fit it into the day - some musical entertainment, along with our horse show, livestock, exhibit hall and loads of kids stuff.

So please, mark off Saturday, Sept. 5th as a family day at the ole fayuh. You won’t regret it!

If you would like to be a part of the fair, exhibit goods or animals, do an exhibition, provide a game, be a vendor or sponsor - contact me, Kirk, a 738-2888. We will be 170 years old this year and looking forward to finding the best way for the Springfield Fair to be an important part of your lives for generations to come.

As always, we are humbled and grateful for your support. Through the good years and the not so good years, you have been there for and with us. We look forward now to this year’s One Big Day at the Springfield Fair and to seeing each of you (even if I can’t remember your name….). Thank you.


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