• Kirk Ritchie

Prices and Full Events List!

Less than two weeks away – the 168th Springfield Fair. Four day’s worth of entertainment all packed into two short days. When a game of mini golf is $8.50, a movie is $9.00, a pack of cigarettes $7.50 or a Bangor Waterfront concert ticket $40+ - the price of the ole fayuh is just plain too cheap.

For ages 18 and older the entry fee is only $10 or for the entire day. Kids up to 5 are free and ages 5-17 are $8. But, kids 5-17 will receive a $3 coupon at the gate that they can use for one of the following: pony ride, horse & wagon ride, or towards a meal at the Roadside Concession.

Although we have been unable to find and hire a carnival, we have worked hard to try and provide two full days of fun for the entire family. We have many of our traditional and popular events. For some of the kid’s events/games we have added a new twist. One to hopefully make it more fun for the kids and get a parent, grandparent or sibling involved. We have made 5-6 events a combination effort with kids and an older person (in case Mom or Dad are unable to play) competing together. Obviously we are hoping to find new and creative ways for kids to want to come to the fair. We really do not want the younger generations to lose touch with their history.

We have our bigger events still on tap. And some fun games and events for everyone, each day, all day. Our exhibition barns will be full of animals. So please, take the little ones down to pet a critter, learn where food comes from and to grab some gold in the new “Gold Dust” area. This is our first year, for all kids 1-12, to be able to reach into our fresh sawdust pile filled with free “gold”. Once each day (please) the kids can fish around and pull out a free prize.

We have 3 baking competitions spread on and over two days. Blueberry Pie, Apple Pie (new) and Whoopie Pie – prize money to top three in each category.

The pavilion will be full of interesting and talented folks who will be turning raw materials into gorgeous works of art. Wood turner Kim McNally will be back turning chunks of our native wood to incredible functional pieces of art. Our local spinners and weavers will be back showing us how they turn raw wool into items that today’s kids think comes from Wal-Mart only. Gorgeous quilts will be displayed with ongoing exhibits over both days. Rug braiding, bonsai trees, Indian bead jewelry, punched tin and, for the first time in a few years – home baked goodies. The Lee Academy class of 2020 will be offering some delicious treats for a donation. Bring some cash and pick up a unique and beautiful early Christmas present.

For a free schedule of events go to your favorite local store or go to www.thespringfieldfair.com.

We are working hard to keep the Springfield Fair “alive & kicking” until we can either find a good and willing carnival or some folks with a strong sense of history who are looking for a new business/management opportunity. Springfield Fair started in 1851 and for 168 years a source of pride for many. Family entertainment at its absolute finest. See you September 1st & 2nd in the big city? Thank you!

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