• Kirk Ritchie

Spring Update For the 'ol Springfield Fair!

Hey all. I believe it’s time for a formal update of the Springfield Fair. We know that there have been rumors swirling around about what will, or won’t, be taking place in Springfield over Labor Day weekend. Read on...

There is going to be a Springfield Fair this year. We have been working to put together a schedule of events and shows that, hopefully, will appeal to all ages. We are going to operate for only two days - Saturday & Sunday, Sept 1+2, 2018. It is doubtful that we will be able to hire a carnival to bring rides and games, although we are still hopeful. Over the past 5-6 years, Maine’s smaller fairs and New England’s smaller carnivals have struggled to survive. The entertainment world is changing. And with nearly all of our local mills having closed, we have lost many of our Springfield Fair attendees. At this point, we are still very much in the planning stages. Although we will have a nice livestock display, we will be downsizing some of the animal shows. We will not be offering the following shows this year, as we simply cannot afford them: professional horse pulling (we will have a farmers pull though on Saturday), draft horse show, mutton bustin’ or pig scramble. All of these shows have historical significance for Maine and agricultural fairs. They are a rich part of our history and are events that we at the fair, will greatly miss. But it is expensive for the folks who own the animals to bring them to the fair and compete. For us to be fair to the owners, when we offer these types of shows, we must be willing and able to pay a fair premium. We can no longer do so. Attendance at all of these shows has dropped significantly and are therefore financially unsustainable.

After having managed the fair for 27 years it is incredibly difficult for us to have to make these changes. Unless attendance increases, we can no longer afford to run all of these events that fair goers have gotten used to seeing. With this in mind, we will be trying to load a strong schedule of events into the two day format. We truly hope that you will be able to come and support two great days at the fair. We will be having the Truck Pulls on Saturday afternoon and the Demolition Derby on Sunday afternoon. The following will be a partial list of events/shows to be offered over the weekend: antique tractor pulls, antique & classic car show, Children’s Day events, youth woodsman’s day, tractor trailer parking, Saturday night musical entertainment, car giveaway (possibly one for each day), the exhibit hall will be open, the museum will be open, livestock shows in the barn area, a horse show, baking contests, monster truck rides, pony rides, seed swap, vegetable contests, hit & miss motors, kids pedal tractor pulls, women’s triathlon and more. We are working to, hopefully, be able to also have a rodeo at the fair. We are currently in negotiation with a regional company who promotes rodeo events. We will let you know as soon as we know for certain. We also still intend to have some educational displays, a few games and our “heart healthy” food booths.

If there are specific events that you would like to have us continue with - contact us through our facebook page or website. Keep in minds, as you look at the website, that the majority of the content is still based on 2017. As we confirm our events & shows for 2018, we will add them and make the appropriate updates. We are grateful for your past support and we hope that you and your family & friends will continue to venture on out to the Springfield Fair over Labor Day Weekend. ONE MORE QUESTION FOR YOU - if we were to change the dates of the fair in 2019 and have a carnival with rides, games, & food joints - would you attend? Or is Labor Day Weekend the only time you would come to the Springfield Fair? Thank you. We look forward to your comments.

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