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Springfield Fair To Make Chicken Salad Out of Chicken S…tuff

The headline reads, “Springfield Fair To Make Chicken Salad out of chicken s…tuff”. As we have been telling our vendors this week, on August 1st the carnival backed out of our agreement and will not be coming to the fair. This is a carnival that has been with us for many years. Larry Cushing, of Cushing Amusements, sent us a one sentence email telling us that he would not be here over Labor Day weekend. No explanation. He has apparently walked away from our agreement and will not return phone calls or emails.

Obviously, we are all heartbroken, particularly for the kids. We are so sorry that this has happened. We know what the rides & games mean to the younger kids and teens. But, we have not given up all hope on having some carnival attractions. I have made many, many calls to a variety of carnival operators around New England. You may recall that this same thing happened 6-7 years ago and we were able to hire 7-8 rides for the younger kids. We may, or may not, have some success for this year – but, please know that we are trying.

At this point we do have the following coming: “Moose Main-eah” a monster truck ride truck, horse & wagon rides, pony rides, a mechanical bull, bungy jump and 2-3 large inflatable rides. MOST IMPORTANTLY – we will have all other shows, exhibitions, & attractions running as usual. As you probably are aware, the Springfield Fair regularly wins awards for the quantity and quality of our attractions, competitions and shows. This year will be no different. From truck pulls to the Adam Wakefield concert – we have an incredible array of entertainment. And because of our situation – our pricing will be lower. So please, make/keep your plans to come to Springfield Fair – the 167th. September 1-4.

Now comes the truly difficult announcement for me – the 2017 Springfield Fair may be the last year for our little fair to operate, at least as we have known it since 1851. Unless something changes drastically – a new owner is found and/or a good and reputable carnival can be hired, we will probably not be able to run as a full agricultural fair any longer. Although things could change over the course of the next few months, it is likely that the 2018 fair will feature motorsports, possibly a concert and a handful of other events. We may not be able to run the full fair any longer. Although we will not make up our minds until February of 2018. At that time we will know whether or not we can contract with a reputable carnival.

I have owned a portion of the fair since 1991 and I, along with a wonderful crew of friends and volunteers, have spent hundreds of hours each year to present Maine’s best small fair: We love the Springfield Fair and this area. This has been a labor of love for all of us, something of which we have been and are very proud. But it has been an all encompassing operation. In the meantime, because of the midway pulling out, we were forced to throw away 12,500 flyers. We are now re-printing them with the appropriate changes. You should know too that our premium books were also affected. But, because of the high cost to print them and the time involved, we cannot re-print. We are printing a sticker with pricing changes to go on the front of the booklets. All books & flyers should be available, in local stores, by the time this article is printed. Just keep in mind that any pricing information inside the book will be incorrect. You can also download the flyer from our website at www.thespringfieldfair.com.

So, after our initial disappointment, please get excited again for the 167th Springfield Fair. Come and enjoy the weekend. We have a ton of great shows, events and activities for folks of all ages. We actually have more animals and more exhibits this year than ever before. So, visit with friends and family, watch your kids/grandkids compete for prizes, trophies and ribbons, enjoy some fair food and be grateful for our health and opportunities.

We are looking forward to entertaining you and are very grateful for your support over these many years. Thank you.

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