• Kirk Ritchie

Final Report of the Smashing David Allan Coe Concert

Hi Folks. I’ve got some really good news today. First of all, our David Allan Coe concert went over extremely well. We had a couple thousand people in attendance and everyone seemed to have fun. The free camping was a big hit and the beer pavilion worked out well also. There were a couple of areas that we screwed up with though – we needed more portable toilets and 2-3 more food joints. We apologize to all of you who had to wait in line to either eat or to “uneat”.

We have also had some comments about David Allan Coe not selling any of his merchandise or doing a meet & greet. We too were disappointed. But, in his defense, Mr. Coe’s wife normally handles those two areas and only a couple of days before our show, her mom had a heart attack. Obviously Kimberly Coe needed to be with her mom. So, although it was a bummer not to be able to buy his shirt or CD and maybe get a signature – we are very glad that he chose to spend the night performing for us rather than canceling the date.

July 15, 2017 will go down as one of the better nights ever at the Springfield Fairgrounds. When he started singing “The Ride” and then closed with “You Never Even Called Me by my Name” – it was clear that the 2,300 or so people in attendance were going to sing every word! The ole fairgrounds was rockin’ with everyone belting out the words to these two iconic songs. We may never have the chance to see a true country music legend and outlaw in Springfield again – but we’re gonna try! For any of you with photos or video – please post them on Facebook. Let’s let the world know that Springfield Fairgrounds rocks!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this incredible night possible. Penobscot County deputies were excellent. The private security group was wonderful and all of “our” helpers too…as I am writing this I am listening to Country Gold – guess who is singing…whew! David Allan Coe! I’m getting chills all over again – he was in Springfield Maine. C’mon, that’s so cool. I still can’t believe it… “she got runned over by the damned ole train” – Im cryin’ all over again. Oh ya, back to the article – we had 75 dedicated and wonderful local folks who did everything from sling burgers, to serving cold beer, to mixing in to make sure that everyone was safe and enjoyed the night. Thank you to all who were a part of this night!

Now for 2018 – who would you like to see in Springfield? Facebook us. Would any of the following interest you?

The Outlaws – Jamey JohnsonMarshal Tucker BandTravis Tritt

Would you be willing to pay $100 per ticket for someone like Hank Williams Jr? $150 for Lynyrd Skynyrd? Tell us who you would like to see and how much you could afford to pay for that artist. We are toying with the idea of moving the stage back 75’-100’ giving us much more room for folks to have a better view. Give us some feedback & comments – positive & negative. If we continue to do these shows, we want to make them more impressive, safer and comfortable. For all of you associated with the show – Thank you. And thanks to Ted & The Boys and Travis James Humphrey. Our two openers were superb.