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Enjoy competitions as classic as the Ironwoman Triathlon, Youth Woodsman's Day, and Demo Derby! Or come for something new and exciting like the Truck Pulls! Whether you compete or enjoy the view from the sideline, these competitions can be comical entertainment that highlight everyone who comes to enjoy the fair!



Be sure to register ahead of time to participate or arrive early enough at the designated competition area to save a seat right up close to the action!







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SAFE & FUN Competitions 

We offer a wide verity of competitions that are intended to deepen your fair experience, with a focus on fun.
Most events are free with admission, we kindly ask that you arrive at the registration time for all events, you can find this information in the fair program. Please know we hold all event and competition spectators to a high standard and expect the best sportsmanship from all of our spectators and participants. Never "Boo" "Taunt" and ruin a good time for another person who is participating. 

Some events require a safety waver to be signed. Children who are participating must be accompanied by an adult. Your safety and health while at Th
e Springfield Fair is very important to us!
Let's get out there and have a good time! Sign up to as many competitions as your adrenaline allows and have a blast!


State of Maine Two-Crusted Blueberry Pie Contest

Register: 8:00am-11:00am on Saturday, September 5th in the Exhibition Hall

Judging begins at 12:00pm on Saturday, September 5th

Judging Guidelines:
All pies must contain only blueberries. Pies made from a combination of fruits will be disqualified from judging (such pies will also be disqualified at the state level). The recipes must be cooked as submitted. Judges will eliminate from consideration any pie which obviously is not done as the written recipe states (ex.: a pie which contains raisins, but no raisins are listed in the written recipe).

Judging Will be Done in Three Basic Categories as Follows:

Appearance - Overall eye appeal, uniformity of shape and color and appearance of the crust.
Taste - Crust and filling will be judged separately. In evaluating the crust, flavor, texture and color will be considered. In evaluating the filling, flavor and consistency will be evaluated.
Preparation - This will be determined from the written recipe which will accompany each entry. Ease of preparing the recipe and how clearly the recipe ingredients and instructions are written will be evaluated.


Scoring Guidelines:

Supplied score sheets will be used. The categories will be rated as follows: Overall Appearance - 30 points; Crust (flavor, texture, color) - 30 points; Filling (favor, consistency) - 30 points; and Ease of Preparation/Clarity of Recipe - 10 points.

Judges shall total the points for each entry. The contest coordinator will compile
the judges’ scores on a summary sheet. The positions will be determined by the
total number of points given by all the judges. In the event two or more contestants
have identical point totals, the judges shall determine the order of finish by mutual
agreement. All decisions shall be final. Judging will take place at approximately
12:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 5th, in the Pavilion.

Winners receive ribbons and qualifications for the State Championship Pie Contest
held in January.

Prize Premiums:

  1. $40.00

  2. $25.00

  3. $10.00


Two-Crusted Apple Pie Contest

Register: 8:00am-1:00pm on Saturday, September 5th in the Exhibition Hall

Judging begins at 2:30pm on Saturday, September 5th

Entrants are invited to submit their entirely homemade, 2-crust pie (no mixes or ready-made crust). Pies will be judged on individual merit and not in comparison with other pies, and ribbons will be awarded.

1. Must be a 2-crust pie.
2. Recipe must accompany pie.
3. Pie judged on appearance, taste, and preparation/recipe.
4. Disposable pie plate required.
5. After judging, pies will be sold by individual pieces to benefit 
a the Springfield Church of Christ.

Prize Premiums:

  1. $40.00

  2. $25.00

  3. $10.00


Whoopie Pie Contest

Register: 8:00am-11:00am on Saturday, September 5th in the Exhibition Hall

Judging begins at 2:30pm on Saturday, September 5th

Saturday, September 5th, entrants are invited to submit their entirely homemade, half dozen whoopie pies.

1. Recipe must accompany whoopie pies.
2. Whoopie pies judged on appearance, taste, and preparation/recipe.
3. Disposable plate required.
4. After judging, whoopie pies will be sold by auction to benefit the Springfield Church of Christ.

Prize  Premiums 

  1. $40.00

  2. $25.00

  3. $10.00


"After the judging, all of our wonderful and tasty goodies are sold... You can taste 1st place award winning baked goods and proceeds go to Springfield United Church of Christ!"

    -- The Springfield Fair


"Come try your hand at the Springfield Fair's Kids Woodsman's Day! It's a pile of fun!"

    -- The Springfield Fair



Superintendent - Steve Doane 290-2813

Register: 10:00am Saturday, September 5th; Event begins12:00pm

KID’S WOODSMAN’S DAY..... Kids woods day...... Wood kids day Children’s day in the woods.....A special day designated for young kids to play with sharp, dangerous sometimes motorized objects. Hmmm...... If someone can come up with a better name, I am all ears... plus a decent-sized stomach.

The annual Kid’s Woodsman’s Day begins at 12:00 pm and takes place on the south end of the stage area.

Events Include:

  • Pulp Wood Toss

  • Log Rolling

  • Cross Cut

Ribbons for winners.

  1. $25.00

  2. $15.00

  3. $10.00

This year we will have three events for rug rats (and parents) of all ages, shapes, and sizes. There will be a pulp toss for ages 3-17. The little kids will probably only throw a pencil, but still..... there are times when I see loads of wood going through town about that size.

We’ll have a log rolling contest too. This will be similar to the men’s log rolling but maybe for a shorter distance. We intend to have a crosscut event too. We will team up a young feller with a man on the pulp toss and crosscut. Only at the Springfield Fair. A good time, all day every day. We want kids and adults to spend more time together so we are having Mom or Dad participate here.






Superintendent Carrie Ritchie - (207) 738-2123

Register: 9:00am on Saturday, September 5th; Event begins at 10:00 am


The Ironwoman Triathlon includes:

  • “Ladies’ Mop Chuck"

  • “Ladies’ Skillet Throw”

  • “Ladies’ Seed Spitting Contest”

All events are in the Pulling Arena. Come cheer on the triathletes! Contestants must be 16 years of age or older or have parents approval. 

Ribbons for winners.


"It is a seed spitting, mop chucking - good ol' time"

    -- The Springfield Fair


About Us

Established in 1851, the Springfield Fair is an award winning agricultural fair in the heart of the Maine Highlands Region! Enjoy live animal demonstrations, exciting shows and music, truck pulls, heritage museums, and big time demolition derby. We celebrate our colorful traditions every Labor Day Weekend and are excited to invite you to the 171st Springfield Fair!

Our roots run deep.

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Pie and Baking Contest are fun for everyone! BIG prize money for the best Maine Blueberry Pie other big money for 1st place Raspberry Pie and 1st place Whoopie Pie! mMmmhh GoooOod!