Mutton Bustin’ – Broncos For Beginners

Mutton BustingSo where does a budding beginner bronco buster go to hone his skills? Why, to the ‘Ole Fayuh of course, where he or she can test their chops on some mutton. Can you believe it? Kids Mutton Bustin’s is back again for 2014! Scheduled for multiple heats during the course of the the fair, this event is a blast for participants and spectators alike! Traditional as…cow tipping?

Mutton Bustin’ is an event for kids who want to experience the excitement of riding in a rodeo. For a short time they can live the dream of being a cowboy or cowgirl while riding a sheep and mutton bustin’. In this event the cowboy/cowgirl will be on the sheep’s back inside a chute with a handler who will help them mount the sheep and give them instructions. When the chute is opened the ride begins and is timed for 8 seconds! Ribbons will be awarded.

For the safety of the children the sport of mutton bustin’ requires safety gear. A safety vest and helmet will be provided and must be worn. If participants bring their own gear it must be approved by the judges. A release/waiver of liability must be signed by the parent of guardian.

For the safety of the sheep there are age and weight restrictions. Children will be weighed immediately prior to the event and the weight limit will be strictly adhered to.

Contestants may sign up for the event at the mutton bustin’ ring prior to the event. If there are more than 25 entries, then names will be drawn to determine who gets to ride in the mutton bustin’ event immediately following the drawing. Only 25 kids per session will be able to ride. A contestant will only be allowed to ride in one event per day, if there are other kids waiting for their first ride.

Four Corners Farm, a family livestock farm is owned and operated by Bill and Janice Jordan. They are located in Westfield, Maine and have been in business since 1991. The major part of their business is livestock management.

Livestock management involves horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens. They raise cattle and pigs for sales as meat or for people to add to their own herd. The sheep were purchased for their grandchildren to learn to show and they are used in mutton bustin’ event here at the Springfield Fair. They also have 2 Australian Shepard dogs, Tillie and Shiele, and have raised several litters Tillie’s pups.

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